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  • 815- Orr Springs Road
  • Ukiah, CA, 95482
  • United States

Coming Home is about coming home to ourselves, without waiting for the picture-perfect life, the never-ending to-do-list all checked off, all our foibles and wounded places to evaporate. It’s about choosing and stepping into love now, exhaling, resting, as we are – without waiting another moment.

When we come home to ourselves, we take back every last piece of ourselves we have shamed into the closet. We become our own allies and best friends – imperfect and lovable as we are. We dare to trust our voice – vulnerable, clear, and courageous – to guide us in our relationships, and to speak our truth with heart, even when it’s scary. We dare to let ourselves matter – starting here, starting within.

At Coming Home, you will be invited back to yourself on multiple levels:

♥ Within yourself – identifying the habitual patterns of thought and action that keep you from standing by your own side, in the times that you need it the most

♥ Within your relationships – welcoming your truth alongside your kindness, your honesty alongside your vulnerability

♥ Within our world – clearing the barriers to us stepping into our roles as the fierce-lovers-of-life and catalysts of social change and healing that our essential, undefended selves would have us be

When we come home to ourselves, a new world arises, within and without.

About the Facilitator

Marina Smerling is a counselor and communication trainer who is deeply committed to our evolution through the composting of shame into radical self-love. A former attorney, Marina draws upon a decade of training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), non-dual spiritual practice, and the Hakomi Method to counsel women in not just surviving, but thriving in their lives and relationships. Marina supports women in choosing love now, without waiting for the perfect relationship, career, or end of the mile-long to-do list... granting themselves permission to breathe and relax and to be treated with kindness just as they are, gloriously human and imperfect. Her work supports women in mustering the courage -- and the skills -- to bring up the hard stuff, speak their truth, and listen in ways that connect, bridge divides, and foster healthy, alive, honest relationships.

Cost $400 (camping options offered at a discount)

For more info, contact

marina@shamelessheart.com, or call 1-855-EMPATHY.